There are several possibilities for hotels in Rosmalen and ‘s Hertogenbosch. We have listed a few here for your convenience.

The prices in the hotels are approx. prices they can fluctuate a little due to the amount of reservations.

Hotel Campanile ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Costs 210/3 nights
Breakfast 11.50 Euro
Fletcher Hotel Rosmalen
Costs 300/3 nights (please mention EK Mahjong)
Including breakfast
Golden Tulip Hotel
Costs 333/3 nights
Including breakfast
Hotel Jo van den Bosch
Costs 316.50/3 nights
Including breakfast
Van der Valk Nuland
Costs 360/3 nights
Including breakfast
City Centre Hotel
Costs 357/3 nights
Excluding breakfast
Little Duke Hotel
Costs 300/3 nights
Excluding breakfast
Mövenpick hotel
Costs 345/3 nights
Including breakfast
De Soete moeder
Costs 360/3 nights
Breakfast 14 Euro
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Breakfast and (search engine for B&B in ‘s-Hertogenbosch) (search for ‘s-Hertogenbosch to discover your options)